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Other Industrial Tapes
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YWT-1511CC Colour Coding Tapes for Instruments 0.05 Coated with white rubber adhesive, it is ideal for colour coding of instruments. Available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange Enquiry
YWT-2111 Solar Panel Frame Mounting Tape / 太阳能电池板安装胶带 0.1 - Double-sided polyethylene foam tape coated with acrylic adhesive with medium-high adhesion level, high cohesion and high temperature resistance. This tape is designed and developed to meet the photovoltaic high performance fixing needs. Enquiry
YWT-9123N Washi Tape / 日本纸胶带 0.11 - Smooth Washi paper tape with Acrylic adhesive. Good for rendering / paint masking application. Enquiry
YWT-00271U Sandblasting Tape / 喷砂胶带 0.6 900 LPDE coated cloth with release agents. Adhesive is made from natural rubber base. Ideal for Sandblasting application. Enquiry
YWT-9663HT MOPP Holding Tape / MOPP固定胶带 0.113 - High strength tensilized PP film tape suitable for fixing heavy components inside refrigerators and other household appliances in production and during transport; Removable without any adhesive residue. Enquiry
YWT-115 Hazard Warning Tape / 警示胶带 0.15 500 Yellow/black, white/red/stripped printing for hazard warning purpose. Enquiry
YWT-116 Floor Marking Tape / 地板标示胶带 0.15 600 Strong adhesion power, high shear strength. Good for floor & aisle marking uses. Enquiry