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Other Industrial Tapes
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YWT-2135 Micro Oven Door Film / 微波炉用胶带 - - Protect for UV. Good heat resistant at 130 C. UL recognised. Enquiry
YWT-0611HK Silicone Release Film / 矽硐胶离型膜 0.05 - Specially treated clear polyester film for releasing silicone adhesive. Enquiry
YWT-8216A Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape / 加强鋁泊胶带 0.120mm 20 N/25mm Designed for sealing insulation joints, seam against moisture and vapor on PE mesh aluminun jacketing Enquiry
YWT-0012 Aluminium Foil Tape / 鋁泊胶带 0.09 1000 Dead soft foil coated with acrylic adhesive. For duct sealing metal patching & other repair works Enquiry
YWT-182A Opp Lamination Tape / 商标上光胶带 0.025 500 Super clear OPP lamination tape is designed for the lamination on the printing matters/stickers. Enquiry
YWT-096K Release Paper / 离型纸 - - Ideal for releasing the adhesive during processing & fabrication. Enquiry

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