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Other Industrial Tapes
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YWT-0668 ESD Kapton Tape / 无静电佳富龙胶带 0.066 600 Low electrostatic discharge at unwind and removal. Suitable for the industries where low static is required. Enquiry
YWT-7146-14 ESD Teflon Tape / 无静电铁弗龙胶带 0.11 1000 Glass fabric with teflon coating surface. High tempertaure resistant with extremely low electrostatic. Enquiry
YWT-2176 Anti Static Tape / 防静电胶带 0.056 1400 High tack adhesive to secure anti-static packaging of the electronic parts. Bio-degradable. Enquiry
YWT-SP6411 LED Display Tape / LED胶带 0.1 800 Excellent heat & chemical resistant. Designed for sealing LED during casting process. Enquiry
YWT-0108EC Carrier Tape / 塑膠载袋胶带 - - High quality conductive polystyrene. Superior static control. Good for electronic devices and components. Enquiry
YWT-0109CT Cover Tape / 覆面胶带 - - Clear polyester film laminated with heat activated adhesive. Designed to seal embossed carrier tapes. Enquiry
YWT-0315P Holding Tape / 固定胶带 0.07 500 For sealing of refrigerator´s door, fixing washing machine. Free effect on the surface of the applied material. Enquiry